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Hi, All.  We have recently moved back to the Raleigh area and have scheduled our first appointment with NCCRM in early March.  After several failed IUI attempts, we are ready to get the IVF ball rolling.  I would love to hear any expereiences (good, bad and ugly) that you are willing to share about NCCRM.  Also, I would love to chat with any local ladies facing the same challenges. 

Have  agreat Monday!

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  • Hi. I was lurking and saw your post.  Welcome back to Raleigh!  I picked Carolina Conceptions for our RE.  I had the choice between the two as a recommendation from my OBGYN at the time.  I had asked around and had not heard great things about them, but who knows for sure but I did decide to go with Carolina Conceptions.  I also saw some reviews from googling regarding NCCRM that were not great.  Carolina Conceptions have been amazing.  I got pregnant with DD through them and have been TTC#2 with them for 14 months.  I know CC just got an award for something.

    Let me know if you have any questions! 

    Good luck to you!   


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  • I worked for a urologist in Raleigh/Cary and we only sent people to Carolina Conception. Nccrm only has 1 board certified doctor and our doctors didn't feel right sending people there.

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  • I've not heard great things about NCCRM either.  I have some friends who went to Carolina Conceptions and have great things to say.

    We started at Duke Fertility on referral from family and followed Dr. Walmer to his new practice - its amazing (the actual facility) and we have had good experiences - we are trying to conceive our second child.  Good luck to you!

  • I experienced some fertility challenges and also went to Carolina Conceptions.  I didn't end up going through any fertility treatments but I wanted to let you know that you should also try the UNC Women's Specialty Clinic at Rex. 

    I've heard great things about them and if you are a good candidate for IVF and don't get pregnant, they will refund half of your money.  I have friends who have used them with great results.

     Good luck with your journey! 

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  • I went to Duke Fertility with Dr Copland. She's now at Atlantic Reproductive (clinic previously mentioned). I would highly recommend her. She helped us conceive both our children. I had 2 miscarriages in between and she was great to work with-as she shared she had 3 in the past as well.
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  • I've been a patient at both CC and NCCRM and was successful at NCCRM. CC told me to use donor eggs.
    There is a local infertility support group and those women will be able to give you the latest scoop on the area clinics..
    Raleigh Area General Infertility Support Group Meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30PM WakeMed Cary Hospital, Cafeteria Points West, Rooms 2 and 3, 1900 Kildaire Farm Rd. Cary. NC 27518 Please contact triangleinfertility at before attending your first meeting.
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