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Anyone deliver at Waterbury Hospital?

I'm new to the area and had a horrible experience at the ER in Waterbury hospital... Not somewhere i'd like to step foot in again.  Has anyone delivered there?  What's the process?  I was told i'd have to walk in through the ER to be admitted.. I'm not so sure i'd want to have my baby there so i'm looking for opinions and options... Thanks!
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Re: Anyone deliver at Waterbury Hospital?

  • Yes for one I was born there and I had my son there almost 2 yrs ago I love my drs and I wouldn't change them for the world.. I had 3 favorite nurses they treated me so well.. The night nurses weren't my fav.. But over all I would go and have my second child when it's time.. My friends have delivered  at st Mary's  which is also in Waterbury and they also had a fine time there I also think st Mary's give a little more choices in care towards the mother such as a massage after and better food selection.. But also u have figure ins and what u can afford.. Soo best of luck in ur choice.. Ps go and visit both for a tour then make a choice
  • O and ur dr should call the hospital before u go so u should have to even go through the Er. They should send u right up to the maternity ward and as long as all ur paper work is done.
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  • Thank you for your response!  I actually moved from Norwalk, which is about 45 minutes away with no traffic.... My OB is in Norwalk still because I work in Fairfield county, I just decided to keep my ob being that appts during the week would be easier because of work.  I had my other children at Norwalk Hospital and no complaints but i'm worried that if I go into labor I wouldn't be able to make it on time, specially if my husband is working and down that way and im home.  


    My dr is only able to pre register me with Norwalk and if I don't think i can make it she suggested i walk into the ER.  I'm just overly anxious as to how labor is going to begin because its been so different with all my previous ones... I wanted opinions on Waterbury and now St. Mary's so that I know where to go in case I can't make it to Norwalk.   


    Also isn't St. Mary's like a natural birthing center, i was under the impression that you go in have a water birth and a few hours later they send you home? 

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  • Well best of luck... Actually I was looking though the other posts and I found a website and it say Waterbury hospital was tied for second for one of the best centers to give birth.. Well if u wanted to look into seeing a dr just in case the my dr is dr Landry of specialist in women's health in Waterbury and southbury they r the best!! Don't be nervous just go with the flow it will all work out!! 
  • Thank you so much!  


    Anyone else deliver at waterbury Or St. Mary's that has a good/bad experience? 

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  • I'm delivering at Waterbury Hospital and was worried at first. But my OBGYN just delivered her baby there, and she is rather straight forward. So if she was happy I am as well. Plus, my friend is nurse there. She said that the maturity center is really great. I have family that has been hospitalized at St. Mary's and it wasn't great. Waterbury Hospital as a hospital has a very good rating, but the ER is not highly rated. I don't know what happened when you went there, but I know they get backed up a lot because many people use the ER as a primary care facility. Hope this helps, I know you can take a tour, I'm planning to take one soon.
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