Does anyone have experience with ulcerated hemangiomas? I know hemangiomas are fairly common, and typically you just leave them alone, but both my girls seem to be having complications with theirs. E has one on top of her skull that is about the size of a half dollar, and it causes her extreme pain if it is touched ever so slightly. With its location, it is hard to keep it protected...bandages don't stay and she hits it easily if she turns her head. Our pedi is sending her for a plastic surgery consult tomorrow. Any idea what we can expect? DH and I almost feel like it should be seen by a dermatologist instead.
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Re: hemangioma?

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    My daughter has multiple hemangiomas, the largest being on her cheek. If a baby has more than 6 it's recommended (in Canada) that they have a ultrasound of the liver since that is common as well. My daughter had an ultrasound and they found 7 there as well. My family doctor referred us to a pediatric dermatologist. 

    Because they were concerned that the one on her cheek would interfere with her vision development and the liver involvement she was started on Propranolol. I was told she'll be on it until she is approx 1 year old. It's been two weeks and we can already see a difference. I would ask to see a dermatologist if I were you. 

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