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Pre & Post Natal Pilateas

Looking for a Pre or Post Natal Pilates Class? I offer both at Core Studio Pilates in historic downtown Monroe, NC. 

My Mommielates post-partum class series is designed to help reverse the effects of pregnancy on your body. Pilates mat-based exercises work to strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor and core muscles. Through mindful movement, you will regain your strength, posture, and stamina while connecting with other moms. Modifications are provided especially for Diastasi Recti and Cesarean recovery. Non-crawling babies are welcomed and incorporated into your workout! Cost: $125 for 8 weeks
Pre-Natal Pilates
Mat-based class series is designed to prepare you for labor feeling fit and strong!
Focus is on toned abs, back and pelvic floor muscles, resulting in a more comfortable pregnancy. During this class, you will strengthen your Transversis Abdominis, the main muscle that supports the back and abdominals. During pregnancy, this can relieve pressure on your back and thighs and can help support your growing uterus and the baby?s weight. Class emphasis is also on breathing to improve oxygen supply to both mom and baby, decrease shortness of breath, and aid in breathing during labor. This class is safe for all trimesters and fitness levels with modifications to adapt to your changing body. Cost: $125 for 8 weeks.
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