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Tot friendly Star Wars Cartoons?

My son is obsessed with Darth Vader (he found a video online that was an advertisement for Star Tours when it opened years ago) and really wants to see the Star Wars movies we have (4,5,6!!  No 1,2,3 in this house!)  but we think they are a little too intense for him, he is only 3 and a half.  So I am trying to find if there are any "Darth Vader/Star Wars" cartoons?  Does anyone know of any kid friendly Star Wars cartoons he might enjoy?  TIA


Re: Tot friendly Star Wars Cartoons?

  • I could have written this exact post a year ago! We found some funny lego star wars short videos on youtube (make sure you search for kid-friendly ones) and also one that we DVR'd from one of the cartoon channels called Lego Star Wars: The Empire Stikes Out.

     Here is a great one (sorry, can't get it to link on my mac)

    My guy is 4.5 now and still obsessed. We have shown him bits and pieces of 4,5, and 6 and he is loving it. 

  • Cartoon Network has a series called Star Wars: Clone Wars. I don't know how appropriate it is for little ones, but DH watches it and loves it.

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  • I know 4 year olds that watch Star Wars Clone Wars and while it all comes down to what you are comfortable with, I wouldn't show it to 3-4 year olds. I agree that some of the Lego Star Wars cartoons aren't so bad. 

    Hopefully you can find some age appropriate solutions. I could have wrote this same post last year when all of the other 4 year olds my son's preschool were already watching the Star War movies.Confused

  • Thank you everyone so much for the response and ideas! We plan to wait until hes 5 for the movies, but we've been looking at Clone Wars and the Lego ones!
    A warning on the Lego ones... some are super cute Christmas caroling one! But some are dubbed with very foul language. Im not terribly upset over it, but it could really push the limits for some!
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