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Bryn Mawr Hospital?

Did any of you deliver at Bryn Mawr hospital? Just wondering about your experience there.

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  • I am set to deliver there... I have had many friends deliver there and loved it. I did use to work at the hospital and I can tell you there are all single rooms, and its pretty nice. PS My doc delivers there so it was kinda decided for me, but I am happy with the choice.
  • Thanks for your response. My doctor's practice only delivers there so my decision was made for me too, but it's always nice to hear others' experiences there. Thank you!
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  • I had a mediocre experience. The L&D nurses were wonderful and my L&D experience was great. Maternity floor, not so much. Like Lachute said, the private rooms are VERY small. The nurses left quite a bit to be desired and completely ignored my husband (literally stood with their back in his face) and had bizarre rules like no cots in the room until 8pm. The LCs were nice and helpful and readily available though which was good.

    The care I received was fine and I think the baby was well attended to when in the nursery, but for a FTM, I really needed more guidance on what to expect and hoped the nurses would have been more compassionante and provided more expert direction with my care as I had no idea what I needed or what I should be doing with my postpartum self or the baby.

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  • Thats so odd about the cots! Every time I got pulled there the cots took over those rooms you are referring to... Meanwhile all the double rooms have been made into singles, so those will free up some room. Every time I worked with the LC I thought she was odd as hell and I am dreading having to see her again... lol the funny things you see from the other side of the desk! Sorry if you had a less than stellar time at BMH.

     PS At any Main Line Hospital if you feel like your needs are not being met, you can pick up the room phone, dial 0 and ask for Operation Help. That will bring the Nursing Supervisor to help out. Big Smile


    Happy Bumping!

  • I have had 2 births there with no problems.

    The RNs are AMAZING!!! -

    The rooms and food are fine-

    My first had to go to the NICU for a while and the doctors and nurses there were also amazing.

    No complaints.

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  • The LC you are referring to ladies- has retired.

    They have a wonderful lactation program there- with wonderful supports and a FB internet group for breastfeeding moms- even though Terry isn't there anymore- there is still a lot of WONDERFUL BFing support

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