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I now believe in baby brain....

Yikes, went to make coffee this morning. (Needed some to get rid of this headache I've got going on.) Forgot to put the filter in the machine. Coffee, grinds and water all over the counter and floor. UGH! What a mess. I've never done that before. I also put a load of laundry in the dryer and then didn't turn it on. Maybe I should just go back to bed!
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Re: I now believe in baby brain....

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    I would love to tell you that it gets better, but I have yet to see an improvement in my own brain function.

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    Isn't it fun? i 'm 37 weeks and i thinka few more brain cells go each week! I  went to the grocery store last week and forgot my wallet with my debit card and money at home, had to go back and get it. I have never done that in all my 36 years!
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    Just wait - once pregnancy brain is gone, mommy brain kicks in.  ;)  Lack of sleep + not enough hours in the day to get things in really works you over!
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    I've definitely has some preggo brain here and there. Yesterday I preheated the top oven to toast some garlic bread, but I put the garlic bread on the bottom oven that was off. Good thing it just needed 5 min and not an hour or we would have waited all that time and still no bread!

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    I thought I had baby brain this morning when I forgot about the 3 inch step out into the garage. Then, I saw my husband had left his had on roof of the car last night. I think we all just have a lot on our plate right now between mid February work push and baby planning!
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    I used to consider myself a very sane, rational person... USED TO.  All very normal, I try to make lists and laugh at myself Stick out tongue

    I had headaches at the beginning of my 2nd trimester.  Was also told they are very normal and they passed after about a week.  Good luck! 

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    My husband LOVES it.  He teases me that I am usually a computer, or that I have a photographic memory, but when I am knocked up, I am "normal" and forget things, just like him.
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