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I've been kind of lurking and with a recent change to our family dynamic, I may be finding myself over here quite a bit more. The long-short is that after years of attempting mediation and various other routes to have more/better placement with my, now teenage, SD, things evolved to a financially draining custody battle. BM ended up coming up with an agreement that gives DH 100% physical w/ final decision making authority in the 50/50 joint legal custody. SD has wanted to live with us for years, so she is beyond thrilled. The final agreement isn't what we expected, but all of us are very happy. Now we're faced with the financial aftermath (and lots of adjustments for all of us), but in the long run we feel it's been worth it--even with only 2 years of high school left. DH and I are expecting our first this summer (my first bio-child), and we are all 3 excited.

So that's our background--now for my lawyer question. DH knew our lawyer from years ago (they never maintained a friendship/personal relationship though) and he worked very hard for us throughout this process that was very up and down. And with the outcome being what it is, we were thinking about a small gift for him. Is that weird to do? We thought about a bottle of wine or something like that. We're just so incredibly grateful for all this efforts. 

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Re: Intro/Lawyer Question

  • I think that would be OK, but if you're still in doubt... check with his secretary. 
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  • I don't find this odd. in fact, I think it's kind of nice.  And I agree, check with his admin and see what would be appropriate. He may be a whiskey or bourbon man.
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  • If your questioning it I probably wouldn't do it but that is how I feel about most things like this.

    A thank you card from you, DH, and SD would be a nice gesture and you don't have to wonder if he liked it or found it appropriate.

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