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Hi, I am a lurker but I also live in PA. 

 I saw in another post that your CO is 40 pages long, does it include more than just dates and times of visits? I wanted a very specific CO because my son's father likes to cancel and change and do whatever he likes even though he was the one who asked for the CO. And I also wanted other info included such as activities and some type of financial security incase something were to happen to either parent. But I was told in PA that it doesn't get included.

Did you request to go to mediation or is it part of the process where you live? In my county we went before a master but she didn't mediate anything just signed the order. I want our CO changed already because I am not happy with the schedule. I think something as simple as each parent having the entire mother's day or father's day weekend should be included and not just the day. And we have weird windows of time between holiday visits ending and normal weekends starting and its not addressed. 

 Any info you can share would be appreciated 

Re: Banana44

  • Hi! I am in Bucks County - but I think most counties work the same. I am the SM in my situation - (BM and DH) have a horrible realtionship and therefore are handled with kid gloves in the court system. DH filed for a change in custody and after mediation with a master failed they went through a pychological evaluation - usually called CCES. The psycholigist ended up with over 100 pages of his findings - recommnded 50% and also added that he felt as though the parents should not go to co-parent counseling because their issues could not be fixed through that process (its really that bad!). Our CO ended up beign so specific out of necessity! I have a sister in Delaware County and her orders were elss specific and it caused problems - so they went back and had it fixed. You can always request CCES - this will give you a counselor to work through and the counselor will make a recommendation. Let me know if you have any more questions. I'll PM you my e-mail. I check email all the time, I don't on here as much aymore!
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