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I'm looking for quaint baby shower venues in Southern NH/Seacoast area that will hold at least 40-50 people.  Any suggestions?



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  • Try hotel conference rooms, cheap and a few decorations and its all set. You already  have all tables and chairs! We did this in the manchester area and i think the rental fee was about $125 for half a day. It was the perfect size with plenty of parking. We just brought a cake and some finger foods. 
  • A lot of churches have large fellowship halls that they will rent out for fairly cheap.  We had my sister's baby shower at the church i work for, so it didn't cost anything, but typically it's about $100 if you aren't a member.  Only downside is if you were planning on having alcohol for your guests, most churches won't let you.  You can also look into lodges like an Elks Lodge, they also rent space.
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  • Three Chimney's Inn in Durham can accomodate that!
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