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Pregnancy after Paragard removal?

Hi Ladies,

I just had my paragard IUD removed having it in place for about a year. I have a 17 month old and want to try for another. Just curious if you had any experiences with concveing after having the IUD removed?



Re: Pregnancy after Paragard removal?

  • I don't have any experience, but I just had my paragard removed this week, after a year, and I have a 14 mo old. I've still got a few months before we get serious about ttc, but I had my annual and didn't want to bother with another appointment. My doctor just suggested we use condoms for one cycle to give any irritation or inflammation from the IUD or removal a chance to go down. Good luck! 
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  • I had my paragard for about 4 years after I had DS1. I had it removed about 5 months before we started TTC #2. I didn't have any issues after having it removed and it took us about 3 months to get pregnant, so I would say my experience was pretty good.
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  • I just had my Mirena removed last month (same but different?) and we'll actively start TTC next month.  I had surgery a couple of weeks ago, so I'm trying to fully recover from that.  But my best friend had her Mirena removed and got pregnant in the same cycle.  Hopefully this helps.

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  • I didn't have a paraguard, but I had my mirena IUD removed almost 6 weeks ago.  From the previous posts I've read about post-IUD conceiving it really depends on your body and how quickly it gets back to cycling and ovulating.  Good luck!
  • I had my paragard removed last May. I didn't have any issues. My sex drive came back and my periods got shorter and lighter. No luck with pregnancy yet but we took a 3 month break. You might want to ask on 1st tri if you want success stories. I am sure they would have more. Welcome to the board and Good luck!

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  • I had my Mirena removed last month and I have done a lot of asking around to see what the chances are. Basically it depends on your body and my doctor said your body should go back to the way it ovulated before (regular/not regular). It's also been said that sometimes waiting a couple cycles is better so you can build up a healthy lining and let your body get back on track.
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