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what to do?

Today DS was sent to the pricipals for not paying attention in class. When he got to the principals he became very angry and was eventually sent home due to a violent temper tantrum. He calmed down and I was abke to talk to him when I asked him why he was being so bad lately he stated "daddy tells me to be bad, ill get rewards". Then DS kind of gets a little upset and goes "but it never happens". WTF!? I dont even know how to handle this or where to go from here. DS only just started acting up 6 months into the divorceafter he figured out full custody wasnt going to be awarded to him im just at a loss why ex would think that benefits DS at all!? Just WTF
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Re: what to do?

  • imagepiffle42:
    If DS doesn't already have a therapist, I think that'd be the first step here.

     This.  Plus, if you still have a lawyer (I keep one retained because I never know what ex H is going to pull) I would notify them.

  •  When my mother divorced her three kids father he was not granted visitation unless he passed a drug test. Their dad told them if they acted out in school and at home that my mother would get sick of them and let them live with him. I'm not saying this is his motivation, but i can see where kids can start thinking their bad behavior will be rewarded.

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  • DS has a counsullor he sees weekly. I talked to his teacher as well and weve come up with a few ideas of helping him calm down. Im going to call his pediatrician today and see what she says about his behavior and from there I think his counsullor wants to test for adhd. Its just very trying and I dont want DS to hold in so much anger.
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  • I agree with talking to the laywer and the therapist.

    Maybe letting DS know that, despite,  whatever "award" dad offers, he will be punished for acting out. Also reassure him that you won't give up on him.

    Good luck!

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