Late Term and Child Loss

Blog Recommendations?

Hey ladies,

Any blog recommendations to share? It can relate to the loss journey, or really whatever you recommend.  Reading and writing (though I haven't written my own blog) has been so helpful to me. So, if you have written or found a blog that you love, I would love to know about it.


Re: Blog Recommendations?

  • You can copy and paste mine that's in my siggy.


    I also highly recommend an online magazine called "Still Standing." 


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  • I have a blog, too - link in my siggy [if you haven't already seen it].

    If you do start to blog, be sure to post a link or at least PM it to me. I try to follow other blogs from this board, too.


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  • I have a blog too. It's not a link but its in my siggy. Please do share if you start one. 
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  • ***picture warning***

    I have a friend who blogged very honestly about her neonatal loss in 2009.  She also writes for Still Standing magazine.  Her blog is here:  (warning: she had her rainbow in 2011 and blogs about him.  I would recommend reading "Matthew's Birth Story - Mommy" which is a top tab option.  Then you can go back and read her posts directly after her loss).  She is VERY open and VERY honest - just fair warning :).  Since she is a good friend (IRL) it was often hard for me to read the blog because her pain just hurt me so see :(.


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  • It depends what you're looking for, I agree Still Standing is a great place to find wonderful pieces of both inspiration and shared experiences.  If you are looking for hope from moms who have been able to find happiness again you're more than welcome to read my blog... if you start at the beginning it's very raw, right after I lost Peyton, but once you get to today you will find a lot of posts about my rainbow as well as some for my angel.  I wouldn't read mine though if you aren't ready to hear about a rainbow.
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  • I like Still Standing. I also like Bereaved and Blessed. She writes about everything including her living children, but there is a lot about her daughter that that died at 29 weeks. If you go to About and then Molly, it links to all the posts about the loss.
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  • Thanks so much ladies! I have lots of reading to do.
  • I started a blog (in my siggy) a little after losing my sweet Isaac (born at 38 weeks and passed away after 2 days in the NICU).  There's not much to it, but please feel free to check it out.  Here's a few more:

    There is nothing comparable to losing a baby.  But I find a lot of comfort reading other women's stories, too, knowing that it IS possible to learn to cope with (not "get over") our losses.  I hope my blog and these other 3 blogs are helpful to you.  Many hugs and prayers are being sent your way.
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