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never gets better

so ever since Child Protective Services is called my ex husband has refused me my ordered phone contact with my daughter and seeing that there's an 8 day. When he have her and I don't see her it's very hard not being able to talk to her I was hoping Child Protective Services would help when it came to him taking her to her medical appointments notify me of her medical appointments and maintaining a good mother child relationship but it seems like things have only got worse and when I went to friend of the court of courte they can't do nothing but tell me to file another motion which is only going to give him a? warning waste 80 dollars and do nothing this is never ending never gets easier and seems like it's never going to get better.
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Re: never gets better

  • Honey, I know it's hard not to get discouraged. Children's services really sucks. Honestly, you got more out of them than we ever have. My SD and her older sibs were sexually abused, and they haven't done a damn thing in four years of nearly constant contact and reporting from us, schools, and physicians.

    My philosophy is that the storm always gets worse before it lets up. Keep your head up and keep trying. You will probably accomplish more with your own attorney, but it does not hurt to have reports to children's services on file. Especially since they were not sensational claims. I think the most sensational claims are often overlooked and ignored deapite the fact that IF they are true, they are the most immediately dangerous.
  • CPS and court orders for parenting time are two totally different entities.  Neither agency can enforce the other issue.
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  • Being warned by the court is no small thing.  If he gets warned and continues to deny you your rights as they are stated in the CO, it could become grounds for a change in custody.

    Keep fighting the fight.  It's important.

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  • I think if you file enough motions and contempt charges eventually he will get more than a slap on the wrist.  That is my understanding.  If a judge orders him to allow you phone calls xyz number of times a week and he doesn't follow the judges order and you file contempt then eventually after a few contempt charges/motions he could even get jail time for not following the court orders.  Just keep at it.

    And I agree this is not a CPS issue. The only time they should be involved is if you feel your child is in danger.

  • You don't have anything in the CO that states that either parent have reasonable access and communication with their child on a daily basis?

    I'd request a modification. I'd also take another look at anything else that might be missing that missing.

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