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Early Gender Determination-Ultrasound in Houston

Hi Guys!

The suspense is killing my DH and I! We are so excited about our little bundle and would LOVE to find out baby's gender prior to 20 weeks without any invasive testing or extremely expensive tests. Did any of you go to an Ultra Sound boutique of some sort earlier than the normal 20 week? I'm 13 weeks now and not sure if I can handle almost 2 more months of not knowing!  TIA for your help, guys!

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Re: Early Gender Determination-Ultrasound in Houston

  • I had my gender ultrasound done t 14 wks 5 days. I couldn't take the suspense either. They were right too.
  • Just to update everyone, we went to the Center for Medical Genetics and were going to have the Jack & Jill test done. They first did an Ultrasound and noticed the baby was measuring a week and half larger than what we thought, which also put me out of the first trimester and ineligible for the Jack&Jill, since you can only do it to 13w6d. Turns out I was 14w5d at that point, BUUUT...in the ultrasound they were able to find the gender! It's a girl!!


    If anyone is thinking about going to that place, you definitely should! The sonographer was so nice and definitely knew what she was doing. And if you haven't had any 1st trimester testing done yet, chances are your insurance covers all of their tests! Mine would have, and I only paid a co-pay of $20 and found the gender! Wooohooo!  Big Smile


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