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Just a little whine....

It was a really rough morning and I just have to whine a little....does anyone else's LO want their SF more often then you (the BM)? For weeks now every time I wake DS up to get ready for daycare he cries that he wants my FH. Like, the kid isn't even fully awake yet and he's already telling me he doesn't want me, he wants FH. Same thing at bedtime, although I'll admit sometimes he's just playing us to be able to stay awake longer.  I'm sure I'm a little more sensitive to it today because FH and I haven't been getting along too well for a couple days now, and I sound like a little baby But man it hurts my feelings hearing "No Mommy I don't want you" so much.
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Re: Just a little whine....

  • This also happened with my SD and myself. DH expressed it hurt him at times and I told him its nothing personal and it was just her craving the female attention on his time still.

    we don't know what goes on at BM's house but SS craves nothing but DH's attention at our home. I believe its because he's not getting the male attention at BM's. SD has even been fighting for DH's attention now lately. I see it as just looking for the attention from different places/people due to the situation they are in from divroced parents.

  • When I first came into the picture, SS would cry for me, both when he was with us on DH's time, and also when he went home with BM (for months she didn't want me around at all during exchanges because he screamed and cried to stay with me). That went away after a few months, now he begs to do everything with DH. If he has to hold hands in a store or crossing the street, he only wants DH, etc. And now he begs us, almost from the minute he gets to our house to go back to BM's. I think it just depends on the age, whats going on, etc. I know at first he wanted me because I was new and we played games continously. Now I think he is just at an age where he wants his BM all the time. When he gets really sleepy, he starts calling me mommy and wants me to hold him, etc..

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  • I'm sorry! When DS was younger, my mom was his favorite person in the world. It stinks!

    Be glad that your DS at least likes his SD. Try letting that work in your favor. Have your DH wrestle LO to bed and then you come in for the last 15 minutes and the 3 of you read a story and tuck him in? Have DH do the first wake up call. Hopefully, this at least takes you out of the direct line of fire.

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