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Daycare for 2 year olds?

We have been thinking about our 2 year old twins in daycare. Has anyone started daycare at this age? Do they adapt well? They have been home with me since they came home from the hospital :)

Re: Daycare for 2 year olds?

  • I thought for awhile before I answered this... I do not have children  we are trying to though.  I worked in a day care for 4-5 years.  you can def tell the difference between children that have been in day care since they were 2 months old and the older children.  it also depends on you... when you were home with them did they do alot of play dates interactions with other children.  full days with other children ....  if not i dont reccommend a day care that has large amounts of children for their first time..why becasue 1 they really only know how to relate to themselves 2 they wont understand why it isnt all about them and 3 your doing it when they are around 2 lol..  I would suggest an at home day care.. they usually have less children more one on one time... and i would start with finding a place....  having you go over and talk to the women and bring your children to have them start to intract then the next day drop them of for 2 hours... then4 hours then all day... so it more of a slow thing not just here go to the wolves... thats again my take on itI have no children but worked in a daycare
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