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Looking for OB that delivers at Northside Hospital.

Looking for new OB... Not happy with current one bc they want me to see mid-wife instead of doctor and I'm high risk and just had a MC and D &C this past November.  Over 41 years old too. Any suggestions?

Re: Looking for OB that delivers at Northside Hospital.

  • I go to Haven OB/GYN and have been very happy there so far.
  • I was 41 when I had my daughter and I used Northside Women's specialists http://www.nws-obgyn.com.  They are partnered with Maternal Fetal specialists right next door, which is for high risk so it was very convenient b/c they coordinated appointments and information.  All of the doctors were caring and thorough.  Although they have midwife's and that's who I saw for my first appointment, I told them I didn't want a MW b/c I was high risk and they said fine and I never saw one again until after I delivered when they do the follow up care in the hospital the day after you have the baby.  
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  • I also go to northside women's specialists. 
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  • Thanks smynings_bride.. Your daughter is beautiful.
  • Loved Northside Women's Specialists. I used Midwives even though I was high risk. Like pp said, I also saw Maternal Fetal right next door for the high risk stuff and ultrasounds. I couldn't recommend NWS more.
  • I go to http://www.awsphysicians.com/ and love them! no complaints from me!
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  • OBGYN of Atlanta...have a practice 2 blocks from Northside....10 mds and 7 cnm
  • Which Northside? Northside ATL or Northside Forsyth
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