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Intro / Other Peninsula mamas?

Hi ladies!


I'm a first-time mom due in October, living in the Peninsula (Burlingame). Wondering if any moms around have any ideas on how to get started with childcare? Ideally we'd have a nanny or au pair, but how do you even go about finding responsible care?


Any other new moms in the area want to get together or share ideas?  

Re: Intro / Other Peninsula mamas?

  • Hi there!

     I am a first time mom as well due in August. We live in Menlo Park so not very far from you. So I was very interested in your post because I am actually a full time nanny, as well as having worked with children in many of capacities over the years. I have learned a great deal about the nanny/au pair/child care center culture in this area and would be happy to pass along some of what I have learned. 

    I'd also just love to connect with another soon to be mama.

    Let me know if you would want to get together sometime and chat!



  • I'm also a FTM due August, just moved to Burlingame. I can't help you on childcare, I plan to stay home, but would be interested to know if you've lived in this area long do you know anything about community centers, I would like to connect with other FTM in the area
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  • Lived there growing up. The Recreation Center and Libraries had good programs.
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