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Recommend your OB/GYN, mine retired

Hi Ladies,

So I'm sure there are some of you in the same boat since Dr. Hajj has retired. So sad :( Anyways, I need some recommendations for a new dr. Or if you have met his replacement, Dr Issam Daya, what do you think? Is he a suitable replacement for Dr Hajj or should I go elsewhere?

Sorry, my bad. I forgot the Baltimore board is not just B-more. I live in Cockeysville area and want to deliver at GBMC.

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Re: Recommend your OB/GYN, mine retired

  • I got the letter too-although I switched because I got preggers and I knew it was coming-I am with Dr. Merryman but she's not accepting any more patients.  I've heard good things about her partner, Dr. Allen.  I know nothing about Dr. Daya.  Sorry! 
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  • I saw Dr. Coelus and Kaplan in Abingdon. They only deliver at MedStar Franklin Square. I had a great experience with them and would recommend them to anyone.



  • I was also a patient of Dr. Hajj's.  I was almost 34 weeks when he had his heart attack.  My son was delived by Dr. Hajj's collegue Dr. Lin.  She is also at solo practioner GBMC.   I liked her a lot.

    Now that I am finished having children I decided to go back to me old GYN.  I switched to Dr. Hajj because she didn't deliver babies anymore. 

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  • I really like Charles Street OB/GYN. They are located right on the GMBC campus. I see Dr. Singh and he delivered DS but I saw the other 2 doctors during my pregnancy as well. I had a good experience with all 3. GL :)
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