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My cycles are 32-35 days and my OBGYN thinks I may not be ovulating every month so he has prescribed Clomid.  I have been TTC since May and am almost 36.  Just curious what the experiences were of anyone who has taken Clomid.  What side effects did you have?  How long did it take to get pregnant?  TIA!
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Re: Clomid

  • The two times I was pregnant were when I took Clomid and had an IUI with each. Everything else made me produce crazy amount of follicles with no results. However, I was also taking a trigger shot to make me ovulate as I didn't ovulate on my own. I didn't think Clomid was to help with ovulation but to help your follicles grow.

    Only side effect I had was being a bit more emotional than normal. Just make sure you are being monitored by your doctor as you don't want to be octomom. :)

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  • Thanks. There is a 10 percent chance of twins and a very very low chance for higher multiples. No worries about becoming octomom here. Since I already have 1 child my OBGYN feels as if my age as well as long cycles may play a role in me possibly not ovulating every month. Clomid is uses to stimulate ovulation. I've done lots of research and am looking to see what others have experienced.
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  • I had 2 cycles with Clomid and only ovulated during 1.  I didn't have much in terms of side effects.  I was a bit more emotional than usual, but that was it.  I was also taking Provera because I was going several months with no period.  It turned out that I had hypothyroidism and didn't know it.  That, and PCOS were the reasons I wasn't ovulating.  Good luck!!!  
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  • I took clomid in order to get pregnant with both kids.  My doctor thought that I was not ovulating due to my progesterone test on day 21.  Turns out, I was ovulating on day 24 and my cycle was 31 days. I started off on the low dose and slowly was increased to the highest dose by month 3.  After 3 cycles of clomid, I became pregnant with my oldest (fluke since we didn't think I was ovulating) and became pregnant on my first cycle with my youngest.  Also, I have endometriosis (had stage 4) which is why we used clomid...rush to get pregnant while off the pill. Feel free to email me on FB any questions 

  • I had two failed cycles of IUI + Clomid and one successful cycle of IUI + Clomid coupled with injectables. Didn't really have much side effects from Clomid other than hot flashes and being a little more emotional.

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  • Are you using OPKs? I am also 36 with 30+ day cycles. I already have 2 kids but it was never a piece of cake to get pregnant. OPKs did help me to at least identify when I was gearing up to ovulate. I question my LP because I only make it to 11 days post O on a good month. We are currently TTC again but may end up just closing up shop because I can't continue the emotional roller coaster and don't want to seek medical attention at this point. Good Luck!
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