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Loving Preschool!

DD#1 just moved up to the preschool class on Monday and she's doing awesome. I think having a full day of learning with older kids was really what she needed.  Also, having more of a 'teacher,' instead of big playmates, is making a huge difference.  It's so great to watch her learn and develop - which makes me think maybe I should have found her a daycare that stresses education from the start.  My style is more "let them play," but now I have my doubts.

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Re: Loving Preschool!

  • That's awesome! There's ways to learn through play, but you have to have good teachers facilitating that. My kids love preschool too, and they are only there 3 days a week, so the education based is a good balance with our more laid back days at home. I love how much they love school and showing off all the new things they learn... It has been great for DS to gain independence from DD too, haha.
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  • Honestly, I think the least important thing of preschool is learning. It's social skills, learning to listen to other adults outside of mom/dad, and classroom skills. Kids learn through play. They don't need to be drilled educationally to be ready for kindie. At 2, there was no educational need besides having big playmates working on play skills.

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  • You guys are probably right.  So, maybe she was just ready for older/smarter playmates. Whatever the change is, it's really working. She's so excited to go to school and she's telling me all about letters and words.   It's really a great change from "so and so bit me" "so and so pooped in their pants."

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