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General Hospital

Any one keeping up with GH these days?  It is so fun as they are bringing so many of the 80's stars back for their whole 50th anniversary stuff.  Frisco is back for a short time!  I would love it if John Stamos showed up!!!  I have not really watched in years but have always kept up by reading the recaps and watching from time to time.  I started to watch while I use the treadmill the last few weeks just so I can see some of my old favs!  I started watching GH back in the Luke and Laura days (loved their wedding) as I would get home from elementary school and my oldest sis would be watching.

The fact that they have brought the whole Port Charles vampire story on drives me nuts though!  Guess its a way to keep "John" on since with the whole contract crap going on with OLTL and AMC and the internet group that brought the rights to those shows, the 3 people from OLTL can't be on as those people after this week.  (I have a friend who is always commenting on this on her FB status which is why I know as much as I do about some of that non-show stuff!

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Re: General Hospital

  • Sorry, I was a DOOL girl back in the day.  And that one jumped the shark so many times, I gave up!  :)


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  • I was a hugh AMC and GH fan back in the day.  Loved Frisco & Felicia...I did see that they were bringing him back, as well as Laura.  Too funny!
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  • imageStrunella:
    I was a hugh AMC and GH fan back in the day.  Loved Frisco & Felicia...I did see that they were bringing him back, as well as Laura.  Too funny!
    Yes, Laurais coming back.  I just heard yesterday that Bobbi was going to be back.  Robert was on a while ago.  Anna is on, Duke is back.  I want them to bring Blackie (John Stamos) back so bad. Lucy is on.  Only thing I am hating is the whole vampire stuff that was on Port Charles.
    Jenni Mom to DD#1 - 6-16-06 DD#2 - 3-13-08 
  • I watch it occasionally, but I didn't watch it in the 80's so the old stars coming back is more annoying than anything else.

  • I am actually surprised they never brought Serena on.  She wouldn't even need to be SORASed to fit in with the current crop of young'ens they've got on there.  She'd at least be Lulu's age.  I saw in a preview that Scotty was back, maybe Serena will be with him.  And Lucy was my favorite, back in the day, when she was on GH, but I hated the Nurse's Ball.  I admit, I only see a few episodes a year and haven't really watched it intently since Lucky "died" the first time.

  • I have recently started watching again and I am loving the return of all the old faves. I admit I hate the vampire PC storyline being reintroduced. It does stink for the OLTL cats members as they have openly stated they do not want to be part of the online production, yet they have to honor contracts from a defunct show. Ridiculous.

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