Financial risk - choosing an agency

Our home study is almost done and we trying to choose an agency for placement.  We have spoken to four so far, three of which would have us risk living expenses in the event a BM changes her mind and one more expensive agency which provides less financial risk.  We totally understand that a BM may decide to parent, but are having trouble trying to decide how to balance the risk of a change of heart against  choosing an agency that costs more but offers more certainty financially. Of the three agencies where we would bear more financial risk they each say about 20% of their BMs decide to parent. We'd be interested to know how others made their decision/their experiences. I feel worried enough the emotional impact of a change of heart let alone the financial risk.

Re: Financial risk - choosing an agency

  • Finances were a huge huge issue for us in choosing an agency- and it's partially why we chose an agency rather than an attorney--


    Our state only allows birth mother expenses 60days prior to and 30 days after birth. Our agency works with birth mother's to get them onto state assisted health insurance if that's necessary and it allows PAP's to say how much in EP expenses they are willing to take on. 

    If the EP decides to parent, we will lose any legal fees to that point and the EP expenses we've allotted- but not placement or matching fees. 

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  • We went with an agency with no risk even though I believe that's why it took longer to place. We have had 5 failed matches, so the odds were not in our favor! We wouldn't have had the money to adopt in the end had we lost money each match.
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