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Anthem & Breast Pump

I spoke to my insurance company last week and they said that breast pumps were covered 100% under a Durable Medical Equipment supplier. Problem is the list they provide does not include any companies that carry them. Does anyone have Anthem? If so, have you ordered a breast pump and put it through insurance? If you have gotten the pump through an online supplier can you tell me where you may have gotten your pump so I can try to order one before my EDD?

Thanks so much!!!

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Re: Anthem & Breast Pump

  • I have United Health Care and I used EdgePark ( to have them send me my pump. I am not sure how it works with your insurance, but the DME provider had to be in network to be covered at 100% for me and I had to already have had the baby.  You may want to check if that is the same for you.  Other DME suppliers they gave me was and Just type in Breast Pump in the search engine. Good luck!
  • I have anthem.  When I called to see if it was covered, they told me that I just needed to get a perscription for a breastpump from my doctor and bring it to one of the 4 places in CT that provide them for Anthem.  We went to Waterbury to the St. Francis Medical Equipment and Supply.  I called before I went to make sure they were stocked because it was so  far away.  Also, when I asked my doctor for a prescription, he lauhed because he had never written one for a pump before.  He wrote down, "One Breastpump, use as directed".  I thought that was cute.  St. Francis gave me their last one at that time, a Medela Pump-in-Style.  Good Luck!
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  • I have Anthem and I went through Byram healthcare for a Medela. 

  • Another Anthem here...they told me of both Edgecare and Byram. Good luck!
  • Hi Ladies,

    Just want to say thank you for posting to this thread.  I have the BCBS Blue Anthem insurance as well and they have been a nightmare to deal with.  They were not very resourceful in helping me find an approved medical supply company that provides breast pumps. 

    So, I decided to check out the threads on the Bump and found yours.  In reading it, you were able to direct me to a covered provider.  I am goingto St. Francis for the Medela pump.

    Thank you, thank you very much for your contribution!!


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