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Babies & Kids 1st Furniture - Feedback?

Has anyone purchased furniture from Babies & Kids 1st Furniture?  I've been reading the Baby Bargains book (great resource, BTW) and they rate this store quite high, but the prices seem a little steep.  Part of me subscribes to the idea of "you get what you pay for" and I'd like to purchase furniture that will last our child for years to come (a nice convertible crib and matching dressing), but I hear from so many people "don't spend so much money on this baby stuff, they grow out of it too fast."

For those of you that have purchased furniture from Babies & Kids 1st, how was your experience?  Do you feel that you got your money's worth?  Was the quality of the furniture worth the price?  Or should I steer clear of this store altogether?

Re: Babies & Kids 1st Furniture - Feedback?

  • Purchased our twins' furniture there in March 2010.  Shopped at the mother ship in north Houston.

    Great experience.  Quality furniture.  No issues.

    I have to say that my twins were both chewers and completely ruined their cribs.  We purchased the convertible cribs.  They will work for toddler beds but no way can we ever use them for guest room or their older kid beds.  They are destroyed from chewing on the wood (just like a puppy would do).  The dresser and smaller chest of drawers can be used for years to come.

    Congrats and good luck!

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  • I ordered our rocking chair, crib and dresser from them.  I decided on a pricey chair, and went middle of the road on the crib and dresser.  I preferred their furniture over places like Babies R Us and Target, even though it was a little bit more.  I purchased a convertible crib, so I'm hoping it lasts at least a few years! They definitely have pieces to fit most budgets, and their customer service has been exceptional.  I'd recommend shopping there, purely for piece of mind!
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  • Definitely worth it! I love the furniture we got there. But we did have a problem with a dresser drawer. They sent someone out to fix it the next week, and he couldn't. So they are replacing the whole dresser! Their customer service is truly excellent and the process couldn't have been easier.  
  • I did the cheaper route with my first and it worked ok, Things became unstable as she got older 15mos. For the 2nd we purchased at Baby's first. Quality furtniture and the price is steep, but I think it's the better option if you can afford it.
  • We bought cribs and rocker for twins there. Totally worth it! Great quality and customer service
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  • Hi Chrissy,

    I'm on a tiny budget with our first child and to be frank I got really lucky and my family was able to give us a handme down crib and dresser set.

    If we  had not gotten the set from our family I would have bought something from this nice resale store called Once Upon a Child, they do have gently used furniture. In the event that you haven't bought your items yet you might want to go check out their stores in the area that are closest to you. Of course since they are a resale shop their inventory changes daily.


    Good luck in your decision!

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