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Baby Shower Venues in Milford area??

Hey ladies!

I'm just at 20 weeks and am starting to get some ideas together for my shower. I am due June 25th, so we were thinking of planning it for the first saturday in June. June 1st I believe is the date. We live in Milford and am wondering if anyone can suggest shower venues in the area?? Our guest list is at about 60 people (but about 50 will prob show). Ive looked at a couple of places concern is a space that will work for the # of people, plus the gifts at a reasonable price for food/service.

Any suggestions are welcome!!

Thank you in advance!!!  :-)

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Re: Baby Shower Venues in Milford area??

  • The savin rock convention center in west haven is nice and then you can just have a caterer come in with the food. Also Biagettis in west haven does a nice Sunday brunch.

  • Did you look at Gusto's? I think they would have space for 50 plus gifts. And they just added a new dining room which looks really nice.
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  • My friend just had her shower at SBC in Milford. It was in the back private room and very nice. I would caution you to maybe have it a week or two earlier. It makes me nervous that your due date is so close to the shower date lol the teacher in me! I am due June 18th and I am having the shower May 18th good luck!
  • You could check out SBC, Citrus, Rainbow Gardens, Jeffrey's, or the Bridge House.  I am not sure how many people each restaurant can accommodate, but they are worth looking into.  Jeffrey's and Bridge House have really good food as I remember.  Good luck!
  • Also, what about that place that used to be Dockside? It's over the bridge into Stratford. I heard they changed hands again (after Savin Roasting) and that it's looking pretty nice. I bet one of the chains on the post road would have the room for it too. Olive Garden maybe?

    I agree with the other post. Gusto's a nice option.

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