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Anyone know restaurants that deliver to Emory hospital?

Our friend is about to have a bone marrow transplant at Emory and his wife was asking me if I knew of any places that would deliver food. I know there is an Everybody's that I'm sure delivers there but anything else. 
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Re: Anyone know restaurants that deliver to Emory hospital?

  • Top Spice (Thai), Golden Buddha and Pyng Ho (Chinese), Pig N Chik (BBQ), Yami Sushi (Sushi/Japanese), and Everybody's is definitely a good standard.  Of course there is a Papa Johns and I believe Dominos is still around.  A bunch of restaurants just opened in Emory Pointe (complex up Clifton across from the CDC) and I wouldn't be surprised if some of them deliver.  I'll be watching this thread because we live in the area and I'd love some new choices.  Best of luck to your friend!
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  • Jason's deli will also deliver!
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  • You didn't say whether it was Emory Midtown or the main campus.

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  • if you're referring to main campus, you can go online to campus foods and get access to all the restaurants that deliver there. i work on the emory campus and we used to get delivery all the time via that website. 
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