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Hi everyone!

When is it okay to start a baby registry? My DH and I aren't due until September. I have a couple of reasons for wanting to get it started sooner rather than later.

1. I am so darn EXCITED!
2. DH works in baseball and with the season starting in April there will not be many free weekends or evenings to lug him out to the store for 3 hours.
3. We are NC transplants and will be holding our baby showers (I can't believe we're having 2! SMH.) in June in Los Angeles and Phoenix.

Thanks for the guidance!


Re: Baby Registry

  • I think you can start one any time! I think it's nice to involve him and if that means pre-April, why not! One thing to keep in mind is that stores change their merchandise frequently, so you may need to keep an eye on the registry and delete or add certain things to it so that the things on there are actually available to buy.
  • i actually did a private wish list on Babies R Us' website at first so i could keep it all organized and straight in my head - then converted it to registry at about 25 weeks (i think). Probably would have waited longer but our moms were driving me nuts!!! ha  but the other poster is right, by the time you have your showers, the merchandise can be completely different so if you do it now, you will have to monitor it closely.
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  • I say start anytime. Just remember if something is seasonal it may not be there this summer. So keep watching to make sue something you like isn't discontinued. My DH is very involved but he wasn't so interested in registering. I took a friend and registered for things like a breast pump, bottles, nipples etc and the DH and I went and just picked out the crib, high chair and car seat the things he was most interested in. It was good because he would have had no opinions on those things and we both would have been frustrated.
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  • im only 13 weeks and i already started my registry. i say go for it ! and it get it done and explore allt he nice and awesome things places offer you as the mom and the baby.
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