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Cloth Diapering

What I hate about cloth diapering

When my kid never fails to poop in my favorite diapers within five minutes of wearing them. I get so mad!


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Re: What I hate about cloth diapering

  • Apparently mommy's favs are LO's favs, too! Wink
  • I'm with ya, but at least you don't have to throw it in the garbage! DD's favorite place to poop when she was itty bitty always seemed to be in a brand new diaper. It made me glad we were using cloth so I could just toss it in the wash instead of throwing it away.

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  • About a month ago we had her in 'sposies to treat a rash... she never pooped the entire time she was in them (2-3 days).  Put her in the first cloth diaper and BAM.

    It's like she knew... "man, this Sh!t can't hold my Sh!t....I'll wait for the good diapers"


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  • Even worse is waiting for the initial wash to be done on a new diaper. I wish I could put it on her butt right out of the box!

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  • This happens to me every time I want to try out a new diaper.  And my kid only poops like once a week.  It's like he waits for the brand new ones.  Luckily, he generally has a new diaper every week, so it works out, lol.

  • LK never fails to poop in a diaper right after I've started a load of diapers.  Never. Fails.

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