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car sick

I get so car sick when I ride as a passenger but when I'm driving I'm fine. Is this normal? What's the difference in driving and riding?
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    I am like that regardless if I am preggers or not. I think when you are driving you have more control on where to focus your eyes and when you are the passenger you have time to look around and see more things. The biggest part of car sickness for me is when my husband is driving and hits the switch backs on roads like we are in the Indy! I have lost my stomach a few times and have had to yell at him to slow down else he just giggles and thinks it's hilarious. :s
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    The difference is how much you are focusing on the road. its very common. 

    When driving you pay attention to all the changes in the road, as a passenger, you are more interested in the surroundings. 

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    I used to only get carsick when I was a passenger. Now it's when I'm driving too! Yes, my OB says it's normal. I hope you find a way to manage it. Good luck.
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