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Mamas w/ total thyroidectomies...

I am still in the TTC stage, but I thought I would ask those of you who have conceived as y'all might have more experience. My question, did your OB consider you high-risk since you were sans thyroid? I currently take 150 mcg of levothyroxine and I know that would probably be increased once I was pregnant. But my surgeon suggested that I work very closely with my OB when I begin TTC again (on a small hiatus) because I may be considered high risk. What would that change about my TTC and pregnancy? (I will be asking my dr these questions as well, but I can't get in for another month so I am asking here.) Thanks!

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    I didnt have a thyroidectomy- but I did the radioactive iodine treatment to destroy parts of my thyroid because I developed Grave's Disease when I was 19..  Before I was pregnant the first time my normal dose was 150mcg/ day of levothyroxine.  I talked to my endo prior to TTC to get the ok and once I was pregnant I had my levels checked (I think it was each trimester... I actually forget, I know it was a few times) and my dose adjusted a half a tab here and there- no huge changes.

     I used midwives and they were aware of my thyroid issues.  I wasn't considered high risk, but it was something that everyone kept a close eye on.  Once I gave birth my dose actually decreased. 

     Just be in good communication with your doctors.  I had no trouble conceiving and a fairly smooth pregnancy.  

     The post just reminded me its time to call my endo about this new bean ;)

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    I have not had my thryoid completely removed but since the treatment for no thyroid and hypo thyroid are basically the same, I don't think it should make you high risk or effect TTC as long as your having your levels checked often and they are at a good level. Your dosage may go up while pregnant. Im actually on the same dosage of meds as you (even with a thyroid) and it hasn't effected TTC or pregnancy at all.
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    I had a total thyroidectomy in 2003 due to thyroid cancer. Also had two radioactive iodine treatments. Been taking 150mcg. Been TTC for over 4 years. I've had a rough time with finding good Drs who seem to care. I am currently pregnant..and feeling just about every emotion imaginable. My Dr. has raised my Levothyroixine. I haven't seen an obgyn yet so I am also curious if I will be considered high risk.
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    I was diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism 13 years ago and have been on medicine whenever I had health insurance to cover my endo (which means no meds from age 22-about 7 weeks ago).  My thyroid levels are about normal now, but I am taking 125 mcg of levothyroxine.  I was told I would not be able to conceive without fertility drugs, but I am happy and (finally) healthy at 10 weeks pg.  I am considered "high risk", but I actually prefer it that way because I am monitored more closely and get to see my baby A LOT more often!
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