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Why ?? ... PPL posting pics of me to facebook !!!!!!! :(:(:(

Last friday a family friend threw me surprise baby shower !  It was totally sweet and just my family and theirs .. very small.  The host took a lot of pics .. OK no biggie ...  Well  SURPRISE SURPRISE  today  ALL the fat preggo pics of me are plastered on facebook ..  WTH ??!  I haven't even posted pics of me on facebook  .. our announcement pic was of our feet !  I send her a very nice text and tried to explain the way I felt and how I wasnt comfortable with over  600 ppl see those pics of me ..  she responded, "Oh you looked great , you worry too much and, you are pregnant you know "   .. NOT THE POINT !!!!! 

..  I have always struggled with my weight and the self consciousness that comes with it.  After a M/C in Nov we finally quit trying ( 4yrs infertility) and decided to get healthy and lose some weight.  I lost 50 lbs and by the grace of God got pregnant without trying ...  NOW ...  I love this baby, what pregnancy has done to my body ..  Not so much ! ..  I have gained about 35 lbs and once again Im very self conscious about my body..  ((( pregnancy doesn't mean we dont care what we look like )))

This is just a vent  ...  I have already  set my page to where no one can post to my wall ..  but seriously ...why would another woman not recognize that a butt shot of me, or me stuffing my face is NOT flattering ??  Im so irritated, and basically there is nothing I can do ............

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Re: Why ?? ... PPL posting pics of me to facebook !!!!!!! :(:(:(

  • Wow, that would seriously irritate me. But that's the joy of pictures + Facebook. You don't really have a say in what anyone does with your likeness anymore :(

    I hate it when people post unflattering shots without even thinking about it. It's pretty discourteous. 

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  • I'm so sorry! I know how you feel. Whenever SO even points his phone at me I let him know that if he plans to take a picture he better not want to have any more children because I will castrate him. I'm sure you really do look great but I know how it is to feel like you just don't look your best.
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  • I feel your pain. I'm just private so I hate that stuff anyway, regardless of being preggo. It's gotten to the point where I don't let most people take pics of me bc you can't control where it ends up anymore. For my wedding it was printed in the program and posted on our guest book table that we were very happy to celebrate our big day with our family and friends and want to keep it just that way please do not post any pictures online. That was a big deal to me for the wedding, I probably wouldn't do it for less life altering events, but I would talk to my friends and let them know my wishes to please not post pics of me on FB. Maybe if you put it to your friend that way she may take them down? Or at least most of them down and just leave one or two of the nicer ones?
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  • Although you can't control your friend posting pictures, you can untag yourself from them; at least they won't show up in your feed then.
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  • imagemrsmcdonald:
    Although you can't control your friend posting pictures, you can untag yourself from them; at least they won't show up in your feed then.

    Totally what I was going to say.  I've always un-tagged pictures I consider to be unflattering, even pre-pregnancy.   

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  • I feel the exact same way! I have been avoiding the camera for almost 8 months. I saw pics from xmas and I almost jumped off a bridge! I am DREADING the baby shower tomorrow and people taking pictures!

    I really dont want to see myself! Its bad enough there are mirrors in my house LOL!!


  • When I was beginning to tell people about my pregnancy, but wasn't ready to tell the world, I explored how to lock down my Facebook. You can put in your settings to approve tags for your timeline. I still have it on for overeager inlaws who tag me in posts of my own that they share with others. I'd do that if I were you!

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  • I had the same thing happen with DD- I didn't have a single picture of me pregnant, but a friend tagged me in some shower photos that looking back weren't *horrible* but I wasn't fond of it. Then, two days before my due date I had my final portfolio show at school prior to graduation and there are pictures all over from different classmates; and then at graduation there are a few group pictures of our graduating class (Art Institute- so a smaller design school) 6 days post baby. I was puffy, swollen and flabby... Oh, how lovely! 
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  • Oh girl, I very much sympathize with you! My MIL has no sense of FB etiquette at all, and she posts pictures of me constantly to her profile... and is notorious for somehow taking picture from my profile and posting them to hers! My privacy settings are very high because I am a very private person, but she just puts this stuff out there for the world to see and it drives me nuts! I specifically hadn't posted any "baby bump" photos, made the mistake of doing it once, I'm sure you can guess the end result. Do let me know if you come up with a good way of dealing with this!
  • imagemrsmcdonald:
    Although you can't control your friend posting pictures, you can untag yourself from them; at least they won't show up in your feed then.


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  • Im glad im not the only one dealing with crazy FP posters ....  I just dont get it ! ... I do have my timeline set so that no one can post to my wall and even if she tags me it doesnt show up on my page without me approving it  ..  but the album on hers is fair game for the whole world and we have tons of mutual friends   ..   I did get a text from her this morning saying she would take the album down but she still didn't adjust the settings so that only my immediate family could see  ...  Im done ...  I will not allow anyone to take pics of me from now on except my mom and sister because they get it ! ....  Ughhh  ..

    thanks  for letting me vent  ..  I know im totally be hormonal and things seem WAY worse than they probably are ..  but still ..... what happened to the golden rule ...  ??   Happy Friday ladies ! 

               5 years IF & 2 losses

            ~~ DS Born 2/28/2013 ~~
                8lb 13 oz 22 inches 
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  • That is just extremely inconsiderate. I would be upset as well. I am also self conscious about the pregnancy pics and have not posted any on FB. Everyone keeps asking for bump pics but I won't share because I am soooo tired of people telling me that I am too small. My baby is healthy and I am healthy and that is all that matters. Everyone gains weight differently. I am 8 months pregnant and I am only +4 pounds ( I have gained 14 over all, but I lost 10 in the first trimester from being sick and gained it back) and I am tired of people telling me I need to eat more. If I were you, I would un-tag myself and request that the photos be removed. After my baby shower, I asked that no pictures of me be posted. It's a private time and your friend should respect that. While some like to share their weekly belly pics, others are more private and that should be understood.

     Good luck with this and don't let it bug you too much. This should be your happy time and I am sure that you are beautiful :) 

  • I understand totally.  I have a friend who I won't allow to take pictures of me because she doesn't respect basic ettiquete when it comes to posting pictures: if the person asks you to take down their picture, you take it down, no questions asked.  She doesn't have the right to post unflattering pictures of me and refuse to take them down, which she has done in the past.  I finally threatened to report the photos if she didn't take them down.  And this was all before I was pregnant.  (When I was trying to find a job, she posted a picture that totally made me look drunk, despite the fact that I was completely sober.  I looked awful, and she wouldn't take it down because it was part of a series of everyone that was at a certain party. ugh!)

    You can set up your security so that at least people can't tag you without your approval.  I know it doesn't help if people know you anyway.  I'd probably just start limiting who is allowed to take your picture until they get the point.  My mom took pictures at my shower, and she very carefully selected only the pictures that were flattering to post.  This I had no problem with.

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