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Anyone else going to a chiropractor?

My doula recommended a chiropractor.  I keep reading about how beneficial it is during pregnancy- how it can help with aches/paines, make labor easier, how it can help prevent babies from being breech, etc.  I went for the first time yesterday and go back soon.  I was just curious what yall thought.  I only had one previous experience with a chiropractor in the past and it kind of freaked me out-it was so jolting-I'm not really one to enjoy popping things (fingers, necks, etc) though I know some people really like that.  The chiropractor was very gentle with me yesterday though and showed me pamphlets and stuff about how safe/beneficial it was during pregnancy and told me how she had been treating pregnant women for 15 one of the other chiropractors at the office was pregnant and the receptionist was it made me feel a little better about it...but I still was not sure.  It doesn't help that DH is really skeptical of it all. 

Anyway...I think I'm going to continue to go and see if it helps any....I've definitely been achy these days as I am getting bigger.  Plus I broke my pelvis and coccyx 10 years ago in a car accident and am worried it might cause complications during labor...So anything that might help make labor easier sounds worth trying to me.  I was just curious if any other March mommies were going to one.   

Re: Anyone else going to a chiropractor?

  • If they are trained to adjust pregnant women, then I see no harm. There are some chiropractors that aren't trained and won't touch a pregnant woman. They wouldn't do it if they weren't certified IMO. If it's helping you, keep doing it! There are a lot of pregnant woman that see them. A few of my friends have gone while pregnant with nothing but good results.

    I'm planning on seeing one soon. Our little man is breech, and so my OB recommended seeing a chiropractor that is trained in the "Webster Technique" so we can try to get him turned around.  

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  • I go every week, sometimes twice a week.  I find it really beneficial.  It is quite different and more gental when you are pregnant.  The chiro even showed with this spine/hip/pelvis model she had how having your pelvis in alignment opened up space for the baby, and can be beneficial during labor.

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  • I picked a chiro that's been in practice for over 20+ years who has the extra certifications for prenatal and pediatrics (as well as Webster). I've been going for almost a month now and wish I had started sooner. It's made a huge difference in my ability to sleep comfortably and the fact that I no longer pop/crack when I walk is awesome.

    I would give it a couple more visits to see how you feel.

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  • My doula recommended Bio Geometric Integration, which she said is like a very gentle kind of chiropractic. I have to read about it, but she's also a massage therapist and thinks I have a rib out of place. I plan to go soon.

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  • I see a lot of these posts on the board and would like to offer to answer any questions you may have.  I am a chiropractor and I specialize in maternity and pediatrics.  I am Webster technique certified as well. 

    I can't offer medical advice but I can certainly answer general questions you may have about chiropractic and pregnancy.  Women who undergo chiropractic care for a first time delivery have a 25% reduction in labor times compared against the national average (i.e 8 hrs vs. 12 hrs).  Women who receive chiro care for subsequent deliveries have a 37% reduction in labor times.  There is an 87% reduction in low back pain during pregnancy when receiving chiropractic care.  I have treated many first time moms who pushed for 15 minutes during delivery.  I'm crossing my fingers that I get that lucky in a few weeks! 

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  • I threw my back out at 24 weeks, and have been going ever since! I was always afraid of chiropractic but I think it is because I didn't know much about it. I go to someone who is certified in pregnant and infant care and he is just amazing. I was going twice a week for months and just cut back to once a week. I have noticed a difference since I've been going, not only for aches and pains, but for other things as well. When I first got pregnant my allergies were out of control as was my asthma. Both of those have gotten significantly better since seeing the chiro. I also have noticed a significant improvement in my immune system which is amazing because being prego I was catching EVERYTHING in the beginning (before chiro) and since I've gotten adjusted I have not gotten sick even when my husband had a horrible respiratory sickness for two weeks and stomachs bugs. I had no idea chiro care could have so many benefits but it really does. I also hear a lot of women complaining about their backs hurting at this stage and I don't have that. Wile it isn't that comfortable for me to sleep at night anymore, I'm not in pain during the day or night due to pregnancy. 
  • I have been going to my chiropractor since about 20 weeks. He is really helping because my neck is often out of place and my shoulders are bothering me. 
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  • I went this week, because i have been having really bad shoulder pain. 

    I also got a prenatal massage which felt great, but did not help the pain.  

    The chiro regularly sees pregnant women so I am not worried about that.  Also being pregnant there is only so much I can do about the pain since I can't take anything, so i figured it was worth a try.  Plan is to go a few times until baby gets here.  I figure it can't hurt!

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  • I've been going to see one since week 14. She's been a lifesaver! She's also Webster certified too. I'm a nurse so I'm constantly getting out of alignment due to the physical demands of my job and relaxin. I don't think I would be doing as well this far along if it wasn't for her. I'm hoping to have some positive effects on l & d as well. Only time will tell. 
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