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Daycare cheat sheet

I finally asked Daycare to use cloth and she said she would. I showed them to her but I am always the last to pick up LO and I kinda felt rushed.  Does anyone have a cheat sheet to send along?  (make sure no insert is hanging out of diaper, no diaper rash creams unless I bring them, etc)
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Re: Daycare cheat sheet

  • Yay! Glad DC finally got on board.  You're gonna love the savings! 

    I have found that keeping it as simple as possible is the only way to have success at daycare.  I send only pockets (pre-stuffed for them) so there's nothing to tuck in.  I started out sending snaps, but they weren't getting them tight enough so now I send only aplix.

    I send blue diapers double stuffed for naps.  And I only send two brands (BG and SoftBums) so that they kind of know how tight to get the aplix. 

    As far as diaper creams, I took all our non-CD safe cream home so there woudln't be a mix up.  I would hope they wouldn't put anything on your LO's bum that wasn't sent in by you. If the did I'd have bigger concerns about the daycare than CDs.

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  • image CLLDLL:

    I send blue diapers double stuffed for naps.  And I only send two brands (BG and SoftBums) so that they kind of know how tight to get the aplix. 

     This is a great idea - I'll have to remember that in a few months.

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  • I actually send all snaps. But I send one brand (BG) so there is no confusion on where to snap what type of diaper.

    You could send them a little note card with a picture of where the diapers should be snapped.  I know I had problems with them forgetting to check the back,  with BG sometimes the pocket flap can be sticking out.

  • I just send prestuffed aplix pockets, and no cream (DS doesn't need it). She prefers disposable wipes, so I send those. All I had to tell her was "put the dirties in this bag". At the moment, he needs all his diapers double-stuffed, so they're all the same.

    She's changed more diapers than I have, so generally, she does a good job of getting them on tight enough. 

  • Funny... I sent a picture with presnapped diapers this morning because we got this last night:

    The girls admitted to me this morning that many of them are cloth diaper virgins even though it was assured that they all knew how to before we signed up for daycare.

  • I've also heard of people buying a pack of snaps and filling in the extra snaps so that the day cares only option is to snap it in the only open spot where you want the diaper to be snapped. I'd imagine you could buy a lot of snaps for cheap so this could be an easy solution?
  • This is a good idea. You could quickly see where it should be snapped. A little extra work just to get all the diapers set but once theyre done, you have them set for a bit. And easy to quickly adjust when baby gets bigger.


    Using snats to fill other holes. :) 

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