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Ok, so I want to start using cloth wipes and have a pretty good stash to start with. I want to keep them wet in a wipe warmer so they will be ready to use and I was thinking about using my own wipe solution made out of water, baby oil, baby wash, tea tree oil, and lavender oil, but now on wondering if I use this solution will I be able to wash my wipes and diapers together? I would hate for the wipe ingredients to effect the absorbency or smell of my diapers! Anyone else have experience with this?

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  • I would not use baby wash or baby oil on the wipes... ever. I really like Homestead Baby for their wipes solution. I have cut it out for DS, though, because we are pretty certain he has some tree nut sensitivity and they use kukui nut oil in a lot of their products :/ We are just using their orange eucalyptus witch hazel now and it is pretty awesome!
  • I also wouldn't use baby wash or oil. I currently get them wet with water then mist them with applecheeks bum spray, fold them and put them in a wipes container. There are lots of recipes online for a cloth diaper friendly homemade wipes solution, but I haven't had the time. I keep the applecheeks bum spray in the diaper bag to use on dry wipes, and when it runs out ill probably refill with a homemade solution.
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  • I just use water.  It's simple and I don't need to worry about extra soap in the wash with my diapers.

  • I just use water. I keep a tiny spray bottle on the changing table and another in the diaper bag. 
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