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9wks & UTI

I had my first appt yesterday and the office called today to say I had a uti.  Anyone else have this happen?  I'm kind of freaked about having to take an antibiotic.  I've had a uti before and know what the symptoms are but I've had zero symptoms (guess I should be thankful for that).  

They prescribed me sulfamethoxazole-tmp.  Any experiences?


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    I have no experiences with a UTI or with that medication but I just wanted to say that I started amoxicilling today for an ear infection. I'm nervous to take something so early, even though it's considered safe. But this pain and pressure is unbearable.
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    i get chronic uti's and when i was pregnant the first time i was never given anything but macrobid, which is the safest. i was on sulfameth once daily for prevention for a really long time, but i have never been prescribed it to treat an infection. 

    a lady on my bmb suggested taking garlic for natural remedy. i googled it, and apparently it really works. next time i get a uti i am going to try it.

    i have gotten uti's almost every other month for the last 7 years.

    drink a ton of water, and also i get a super cranberry supplement and it REALLY helps. 

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    I'm on the same antiobiotics right now for a UTI I'm almost 7 weeks. I did A LOT of googling on the antibiotics after my doctor prescribed them even though he said they were safe in early pregnancy, there's definitely a lot of mixed reviews out there but here on the bump I found a post where a lot of women said they had used that antibiotic while pregnant with no issues. I was definitely nervous about it but I only have 2 days left and my UTI has cleared up.
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    They will give you a baby safe... I had to take heavy amoxicilion (sp?) at 4 wks, and I just had my first ultrasound and the baby's are fine. 

    Make sure to drink lots of cranberry juice in the future (a glass a day) because it naturally cleans your urinary track 

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    I have not had a UTI but I heard they are pretty common to get during pregnancy. If the doctor knows you are pregnant and perscribed the antibiotic, I am sure it is fine.
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    Take the antibiotic.  You have bacteria growing where it shouldn't be.  Antibiotics will kill those bacteria.

    Do not try home remedies.  You are risking a kidney infection by ignoring your doctor's suggestions.  Kidney infections are no joke (I've had one) and can quickly lead to sepsis (bacteria in your blood), which is a life threatening problem.

    Sorry - but home remedies for UTIs really grate on me because the danger of a simple UTI turning quickly into a serious problem is great.  Take the antibiotics and be on your way.

    i disagree about the home remedies. cant knock it til you try it. i have had many uti's and many kidney infections... i have tried many different things. some work, some dont. depends on your body, the type of bacteria, etc. 

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    Same thing happened to me after my first appointment a couple of weeks ago. Told I had a UTI and prescribed Macrobid. I had/have zero symptoms and chose not to take the antibiotic. Instead, I increased my water intake, drank more cranberry juice and took extra vitamin c for about a week. I'm a nurse and I don't take being diagnosed with things lightly. But, being asymptomatic I made a choice that I felt was right.

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