1st Trimester

What do you think?

okay, I recently found out I was pregnant on January 7th and then on the 21st (approx. 6w1d) I started bleeding and cramping really bad and that lasted until the 26th. I go in for the third set of blood work and the second ultrasound on Monday but I am very anxious. 

Another thing when I was pregnant the last time I went to the hospital because of severe cramping and started bleeding on the way home. They tested to make sure I wasn't pregnant and it came back negative, but I took a test two weeks later and and it was as positive as it could be. Later when I went in for my first ultrasound they said that i was 4w5d farther than I thought I was... which made me 4w3d when I started bleeding before... 

I still 'feel' pregnant still craving stuff, tired, sore, and sick... has any one ever had any bleeding like that and not had a mc?

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