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Lots of Braxton hicks

I have been having a lot if Braxton hicks today some are with crampy feelings tmi, like I have to go to the bathroom.
Has anyone experienced this should I be concerned?

Re: Lots of Braxton hicks

  • See if changing positions or drinking water makes it better after a bit.
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  • Yes, I talked to my doctor about it last appointment and she told me it was completely normal and to make sure I up my water intake.  I know exactly what you are feeling!
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  • Its normal to have more BH in the 3rd tri, it doesn't mean anything.
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  • I actually made a worried phone call to my dr. for this earlier today. They had me drink 32 oz of water in 15 min. (which i preceded to throw up) and keep pushing fluids all day. But I too definitely feel like I need to go to the bathroom, that kind of crampy feeling. 
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  • I get braxton hicks all the time.  My doctor told me that if I get more than 12 in an hour to call.  She also said that if I sit down and relax and they stop that there is nothing to worry about.  Lately seems like I get them even while sitting...they are soooo uncomfortable!!  I also keep trying to up my water intake.
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