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2700 hgc levels

Hi I had blood test done and the told me my hgc levels are 2700 and then she said 199 after the 2700 whats the 199 mean? And is 2700 hgc good at 5 weeks 4 day preg? The nurse said it was very good just wanted other moms opinions , I lost a preg 3 month ago so im very nervous about this one .

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    The 2700 is my first one but know u making think I should call and have a second blood test lol
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    My first hcg draw at 4wk from LMP was 5700. Since I didn't know my levels with my other two kids, I sort of freaked out. I am high risk due to having a tubal reversal done only a few short months ago. The clinic that did the reversal freaked me out (badly) and told me that I *must* get in and get an ultrasound that day because my levels were so high. I go in and see my OB and she says my levels are fine and within range. The night before I saw my OB, I was having dreams that I had an ectopic pregnancy and that they needed to operate right then and there. Oh the things that go through your head when unnecessary fear is added into the mixture. My OB said she won't do another blood draw until my official 8 week visit; which is in another 2 weeks. 

    Hope all is well with you and your sticky bean. :)
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    Did she say "twenty seven thousand, one hundred and ninety-nine"?  As in she meant 27,199?

    She was probably giving you a single figure.

    Edit: sorry, you said 2700, not 27000. Ignore!
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