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Newborn pockets

What are some brands/examples of these? I have OS pockets and NB sized prefolds, covers, and AIOs, but I would like some NB pockets too.

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Re: Newborn pockets

  • I have Alva pockets in newborn size (birth to 12 lbs) and Kawaii Pure & Naturals (birth to 22 lbs). I didn't want to spend much on newborn sizes since my babies are generally big, so I only looked at the cheap(er) brands.
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  • The only one we have in NB size is Happy Heinys mini OS. It did alright but I turned to my NB fitteds first.
  • Some of my NBs are AIOs that CAN serve as a pocket as well. 

    I really like the Bummis Tini Fit, Swaddlebee NB Simplex (AIO), Thirstie Duo Diaper size 1, Apple Cheeks size 1, KaWaii PN, and Kissaluv's NB (AIO). The Kissaluvs is the only one that can't be stuffed.

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  • I have fuzzibunz xs and happy heinys mini. You need a very small hand to stuff the fuzzibunz. I really like my happy heinys after replacing the microfiber insert with hemp. Plus they will fit a lot longer than the fuzzibunz.

    Swaddlebees is an AIO but also has a sleeve that you can stuff if you want. These are my favorite nb diapers. 

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