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Make your own Woolies ?

Does anyone do it?  How easy/hard is it?

Should I pay for a PDF step  by step instruction w/ pictures for a few bucks or is that not really needed?

* I do know how to sew (pretty basic), have a sewing machine but let's say it's pretty dusty!

Re: Make your own Woolies ?

  • I have not attempted this yet but these are my bookmarks I have saved for when the time comes. They all seem pretty straight forward. Sorry I do not know how to make them clicky. 

  • I typically just lurk on this board but making your own wool soakers is pretty easy, and probably the most commonly used pattern/instructions are from this site


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  • I don't have a sewing machine, but I knit so I've made a couple.

    If I did have a sewing machine, I might look for a pattern ... or reverse engineer one from some of DS's clothing. 

  • I make most of my LO's woolies.  I knit a bunch and have sewn some as well.  I like the Katrina pattern.  I've also just copied pants that fit him particularly well.  Pants are pretty simple to sew.
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  • I've used the Katrina's pattern for pull-on soakers and I've also created a pattern for wool wraps (using a diaper cover as a sample).  I think I'm most excited to use the wraps because I'll be able to get a nice, snug fit! 
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  • I woudn't pay for a pattern. The Katrina soaker pattern is free and awesome!

    I've also made longies from this tutorial. I didn't have any interlock so I improvised with the waistband portion of the sweater.

    Also, I've found that sometimes different sweaters will inspire you to make various modifications that require less work. Like I've used the neck portion of a turtleneck sweater as a fold-down waistband instead of bothering with what the pattern called for. I've also used sweater cuffs as leg cuffs.

    Have fun!

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