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Another Swim Diaper Q

Does wearing a reusable swim diaper mean our girls can't wear cute baby swim suits?  It seems like they're all patterned or ruffle-butted... what do you do? 


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Re: Another Swim Diaper Q

  • iPlay makes plain white swim diapers. DS wears trunks over his diaper, or we have  one where the diaper is built in.
  • I had a white iplay swim diaper that I replaced with a solid light green flip cover that I used as a swim diaper. I put swimsuits over it. Sometimes you could see them, sometimes you couldn't, but not any more or less than a disposable swim diapers (and I'd argue the flip covers look cuter than a paper diaper sticking out anyway!)

    We got one tankini as a gift that had little string tie sides on the bottom. Silliest thing ever for a baby who has to wear some kind of diaper under it!

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  • We had a white Charlie Banana swim diaper. It went under her swim suit just fine. She grew out of it so we need a new one this summer. 
  • I used the white iplay swim diaper under her suit.
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