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Lunch Ideas for DS's lunch at preschool

Hello ladies,

DS is to start preschool next week, and the parents are to supply lunch everyday they attend.  At this time he is only doing a 2 day a week program, but I am kinda stuck on lunch ideas.

 Any ideas you could share that are kid friendly will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Lunch Ideas for DS's lunch at preschool

  • DS only stays for lunch 1 day a week but here's what I do -

    1 Main dish - either half a sandwich (he'll eat a whole one at home but only half at school), mac & cheese in a thermos, ham and cheese roll-ups or a homemade lunchable type thing (crackers, sliced cheese and some deli meat or leftover chicken from dinner)

    1 fruit - clementines, grapes, blueberries or an applesauce

    1 veggie - sliced red peppers, cucumbers, or carrots with Hummus OR celery filled with cream cheese and raisins

    1 "snack" - some cheez-it crackers, veggie chips or graham crackers

    I also sometimes do just a variety of stuff with a common dipper. Last week I sent him with kalamata olives, pretzels, red peppers and sliced parm cheese with hummus.

  • on the seldom days I have to provide a lunch it's usually jelly sandwich (pb is not allowed but sunbutter is) or anything w/ a wrap-even a quesadilla.

    I add something salty and sweet. Salty is usually crackers like gold fish and sweet is always fruit. 

    Juice box - either Capri Sun 100% juice or Adam and Eve's fruitables (adding the vegi portion).

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  • We do sunbutter and jam, uncured pepperoni, crackers, cheese, carrots, red peppers, various fruits, pretzels.

    Our rotation has really been reduced due to his pickiness and the fact that we don't send hot food anymore.

  • Does your school heat up food?  DD's does, so 80% of the time, I send leftovers which is usually starch(rice or pasta), protein, and veggie.  If it's not leftovers, then I will send a sandwich or wrap.  DD won't eat lunch meat, so it's always avocado and cheese.  I also pack fruit - strawberries, tangerine, blueberries, raspberries, pear slices, etc.
  • I just got the Trader Joe's cookbook that is all about packing lunches. It's supposed "with Trader Joe's foods", but most of the recipes use things you can find anywhere (like, gee, you don't have to use TJ guacamole). 

    It has some great ideas, and a really wide variety (gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.), which I liked. And some great ideas for snacks/sides. 


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  • DD is in school five days a week, so we are always trying to come up with ideas.

    Here is what we have in regular rotation:



    Turkey or ham and cheese roll ups

    Pita with hummus

    Pasta with parmesan cheese (she doesn't really like it with sauce)

    Leftovers from dinner the night before


    Any kind of fruit

    Pouches (we try to only buy ones that have both a fruit and a veggie for the most part, but she also likes the plain applesauce ones)

    Cucumber slices


    Baby carrots

    Yogurt (we usually get the ones in a tube)




    Cheese Its

    Fruit bites (yogurt covered)


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  • You can also buy a thermos and send a few hot lunches. I do that a few days a week: spaghetti, mac & cheese etc.
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  • My son loves roll ups... lunch meat and cheese rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla. He would take this everyday! Or just wrap the lunch meat around a cheese stick. Smoothies are great. Hard boiled eggs. Cottage cheese. I make sure to send a good protein, a fruit, and 2+ veggies. Sometimes a whole grain too. I would love to send nuts but preK is nut free.
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  • My boys are picky eaters so I feel limited. Ds1 is 4 and I do either a sandwhich pbj or chicken salad usually in cute shapes or on a hawaiian roll. For sides I do either crackers, pretzels, popcorn or natural Cheetos and one to three types of fruit. He also gets a a yogurt. Ds2 is 2.5 and I send him usually with a snacking tray container with a lot of finger food varieties. He likes ham and cheese rolled up, raisins, yogurt bites, pretzels, fruit cut up small, crackers, cereal, sugar snap peas, chicken ect..

    They both go twice a week so I don't feel bad repeating a lot.
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