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I am a FTM and am wanting to use cloth wipes once baby is here.  I am wondering what those of you who use cloth wipes do.  How do you store your cloth wipes?  I have heard that some moms keep the cloth wipes in a wipe warmer or used wipe case with a little water.  Once they are used, do you just thro them in with your dirty diapers to be washed?  Once baby goes to solid food, do the cloth wipes need to be soaked before going in the wash?

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  • We were gifted a wipe warmer before we started CDing. I have fleece and flannel wipes folded in the wipe warmer. Each day, I squirt some plain water in there out of a peri bottle. It keeps them damp and not soaking, and gets them a little bit warm.


    ETA: We just toss our cloth wipes in our wet bag with the CDs. We treat poop on the wipes just like we treat poop on the CDs. If we need to, we'll shake or dunk them in the toilet.  However, when DD has some horrifically explosive poops, we use disposable wipes and toss them in the trash.



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  • I have a leftover wipe warmer from DS that I used a whopping two times because I would just pull the disposable wipes out of the bag. So, after I washed all of the cloth wipes, I just rolled them up and put them in the wipe warmer (without turning it on) It's a nice little organized container for them, and then I have the spray bottle that (will) contain the wipe solution next to the wipe warmer.

    I have a small, clutch like wet bag to use for when we aren't home.

    What kind of material are the cloth wipes that you are planning on using? That also makes a difference for the first few washes in what to pair them with. 

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