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favorite diaper

What is your favorite diaper and why?  Im new to this and I have prefolds and bg 4.0 pockets.  The prefolds seem to give LO a bad rash due to the wetness I guess.  I like the 4.0 and they work good but I do not have many of these.  Im looking to find something else to try in place of the prefolds.  Any suggestions?

Re: favorite diaper

  • I'm mostly using sunbaby pockets. They are very cheap, come with natural fibre inserts and fit my skinny baby.
  • I love my prefolds, but my favorite pockets are tots bots easy fits and blueberrys.
  • Everyone loves BG 4.0 but for some reason I didn't love them or hate them.  One of the only diapers I didn't sell when I was destashing but I never buy more of them.  I've tried almost everything and I love Kawaiis (great price and quality).  I just bought some grovias to try, for fun.  They're coming tomorrow.  Also, I just ordered a bunch of different natural fabric inserts on Etsy to replace my microfiber with.

    So to answer your question, I like Kawaiis (but not the minky - they seem to wick sometimes).  Oh I also like flips and those are my DH's go to diaper.

  • Swaddlebees Simplex AIO (OS). I only have 4 of these but I'm getting a few more. I love that it's mostly cotton fiber, and then there's a layer of fleece that you can leave out against baby's skin or tuck away if you want the cotton to be next to their skin. They fit my skinny DS really well, and for AIOs they dry pretty quickly.

  • Swaddlebees all in one diaper. 

    Just put on like a diaper and off. ..No stuffing. They last 12 hours a night even with a 30pound toddler, never leaked, he can also pull thm up/down for potty training (we have simplex 2.0) !  

    On the Mini pill, ebfing, and no AF ever.....16 months apart!

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