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Washing Machine Settings

I have learned a lot from all of you about different wash routines, so I just need help to fill in the gaps. My machine is an HE FL.

1. As far as I can tell, I only have a rinse and spin option, not a rinse/no spin.  Does this matter? Is a spin after the rinse OK?

2. I don't think I have an option for the hot wash to start right after the first rinse (they are two different settings on my machine).  The extra rinse at the end is an easy add-on option to the wash cycle.  Do most of you have to manually change the washer setting after the first rinse or does your machine allow you to automatically add the first rinse to the wash cycle?

 Just wondering if maybe my machine is a little more basic with settings than a lot of others out there.  I am likely overthinking this.


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Re: Washing Machine Settings

  • 1.) Are we talking the first rinse?  If so spin is fine.  I actually like to use the soak setting on my machine instead of a rinse & spin.  The diaps get more water that way & it doesn't spin after.

    2. I don't have an option to add on the 1st rinse either.  I just manually start the wash cycle after my first cycle is done. I have a pretty new machine HE FL machine. 

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  • I have an older more basic HE FL. I've been doing a quick wash cycle on cold or warm for my presoak portion followed by a hot cycle with extra rinse option. I do have to manually restart after the first cycle. I asked about this yesterday or Tues, and someone suggested using the gentle cycle with no spin as the presoak cycle.
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  • 1. Yes, a spin after the first rinse fine mine, my washer is the same.  Sometimes I go in to start the actual wash cycle and its spinning, in that case I just interrupt it and go ahead and start my wash... its not going to hurt either way.

    2. I thinkI kinda answered this in #1.  Yes, have to manually start wash cycle after first rinse.


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  • Thank you!!

    I like the idea of doing a gentle wash no spin as well.  Might make the load heavier for the wash cycle thus not needing to add a wet towel if I find I need to do that.

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    DD # 2: May 2, 2015
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