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Green Bay Packer Donald Driver to Retire!

So it is a huge deal here that Donald Driver is retiring from the NFL after spending his entire career with the Green and Gold. He ends his career leading the franachise in catches and receiving yards, and he only missed four games his entire career, trailing only Favre for most games played in a Packer uniform.  No doubt a huge fan favorite, but also a great, great role model for young men.  His story to get to this point is inspiring beyond belief. He was quoted todays saying this, and I wanted to share it here.

"Someone is always going to be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great football player, but no one will be able to tell my kids that their dad was a great dad and a great husband, so I have to be able to show them that."

Donald Driver.  A great NFL player, and an even better man and role model.  We will miss you out there, Quickie!!  


Re: Green Bay Packer Donald Driver to Retire!

  • Great quote.

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  • imageMelRC117:

    I don't mean to intrude but I accidentally clicked on this board and saw this post so I have to comment.

    I think Donald Driver is one of the greatest players, but he is even better off the field.  He and his wife are so active in the community...I really hope they stay connected after he retires.  I just read in the paper that the tickets to his retirement ceremony sold out in 15 mins (1000 tickets were available).  He definitely took the classy way out as opposed to Favre.

    Amen to every single word. 

    I was just telling my wife how weird it is going to be to watch games next year and not see Donald in the mix.  Just a great, great Packer, and easily one of my top five to ever wear that uniform.  He has done so much not only in Green Bay, but in Houston as well, one of the poorest areas in the country.  I have not missed a snap since I was a very little boy, and I can only recall a handful of players who impacted GB the way he has..  So when I drive up to Green Bay from Milwaukee nest season for a game, that will be the first game since 1999 that I will not see DD play in.  Even though the got booted out of the playoffs this year, I am so glad that he was able to win a ring, he deserves it.

    I am also so glad that my boy will be able to read books written by DD in a couple of years.  The Quickie books are awesome!!


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  • And he will remain a Green Bay citizen.  He promised that he will do the same thing Leroy Butler does, spend half his time her in Wisconsin, and half his time back in his hometown of Houston.  And all his charities will remain in place and active here as well.


  • Crazy....

    People waited outside in below freezing temps since 2:00 this to get tickets for the DD retirement event at the stadium next week.

    More Crazy.....

    It took all of 13 minutes for the tickets to be GONE!!!


    CRAZIEST!!!!!!  Only in Wisconsin....



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