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I should get an award for not beating MH....

So MH helps around the house way more than most men and does laundry probably as often as I do which is great and I'm very thankful for.  But how do I get him to keep his hands off the diaper laundry???  A few days ago he decided to wash diapers when I wasnt home, even though we had plenty and they didn't necessarily need to be washed right then.  They were still in the washer when I got home so I was appreciative and just turned them on for an extra rinse.  When I put them in the dryer I realized he decided to throw in some of his dirty socks with them!  *SIGH*  No big deal, it was annoying but I'm pretty sure the socks didn't hurt them.  I told him (again) diapers need to be washed separately from other clothes.

Last night I washed my entire pf stash and stripped them with dawn just because I figured it was about time.  I set them on the last rinse before I went to bed.  When I got up this morning MH had already put them in the dryer.  Being wary I immediately asked him if he used a dryer sheet to which he said no.  MH always uses dryersheets even though I never do, he's the one who buys them; I use vinegar as a fabric softener.  I know I have told him the dos and donts of diaper laundry but like most men he didn't listed and just does what he wants.  When I took my diapers out of the dryer after he left, guess what was in the load with my freshly stripped pfs?  Yup, a DRYER SHEET!!!  I am so MAD I could beat him! 

So, since they were just stripped do you think a wash will take out the fabric softener or do I need to strip them again?

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Re: I should get an award for not beating MH....

  • Why does it matter if other clothes end up in the wash with diapers?  I sometimes wash DD's clothes with the diapers...esp. when she was little and had newborn poop on them.

    I have only stripped my diapers once.  And that was because she was rashy when my washing maching broke down and went too long between washes, so they needed to be disinfected.  Did they smell?  Why the strip?

    I doubt one dryer sheet will cause issues.  Only strip them if you find that they do.

    Maybe run another hot cycle with detergent and an extra rinse if it makes you feel better.


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  • Thanks.  I think it may be the hormones lol, he's just getting on my last nerve lately.  I sometimes wash DS's clothes with diapers, but MH's dirty funky socks that he sparys with this god-awful smelling hunting spray that makes me gag are not what I want going in there with them, plus he's a fabric softener junkie.

    I stripped the diapers last night becasue DS got a rash so I thought it may be something on his dipes.  Everything I've read says that fabric softener ruins the absorbency and can cause rash.  Maybe I'm overreacting but when I pulled them out of the dryer, they just felt different to me and smelled like the dryer sheet.  Could be my overactive pregnant senses?

    I think every little thing he's doing lately gets on my nerves, poor guy.  I guess I just needed to vent about it.  I'll just leave them as is and I'm glad I don't have to strip them again.

    Thanks! Smile

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  • Relax. Seriously. I recommend creating a sheet detailing the diaper laundry routine and hanging it by the washing machine - that way hubby can help and you don't need to freak out. Maybe you could switch to dryer balls instead of sheets? Or just write that down as part of the diaper laundry routine. I think guys need a cheat sheet sometimes :)

    You really are lucky though... I honestly don't remember the last time my DH touched laundry without me asking him! 

  • The things men do really scares me. I am so scared, in fact, that I printed up washing directions for the diapers- just like a cheat sheet. I even went so far as to include pictures of the washer/dryer controls, with arrows, and step by step directions. I think it scared DH away from doing CD laundry, BUT if something were to happen to me, I would hope my cheat sheet would help....

    Give your DH a thumbs up for making the attempt! :) 



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