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which one should I get?

I a gift certificate I need to use by the end of today, and I want to use it for a pocket or AIO diaper. They sell Thirsties Duos, Baby Kangas, Swadlebees Simplex, Swaddlebees Econappies, and Blueberries. I currently do not have any of these brands. Which is your favorite?
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Re: which one should I get?

  • I've only tried Thirsties Duos (AIO and Fitted).  I didn't love the fitteds (they were aplix maybe that's maybe why I didn't love them) but I really liked the AIO for when LO was really young.  They are super trim and cute but he outgrew size 1 like in a couple of months.  I hear good things about blueberries.
  • Of those listed I've tried the simplex and the blueberry pockets and like them both, but I think of the two I prefer blueberry just because I prefer pockets in general.
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  • I love Swaddlebees Simplex!
  • Love my Blueberry pockets! They are probably my favorites out of all my pockets and AIOs. I have a Swaddlebees Simplex too and have heard great things about it but I'm still waiting for DD to grow into it before I can use it since I accidentally bought the sized version instead of the OS.

    I don't think you can go wrong either way! 

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  • Swaddlebees Simplex are really nice. Of the many diapers we have tried, they fit DS the best (skinny beanpole baby!) and I love the combination of natural fibers with the fleece layer than can be next to his skin or tucked inside.

  • Another vote for swaddlebees simplex.... love these!  I would avoid the thirsties duo aio,though.  I seem to always get leaks and I know lots of others here have had the same problem with those.

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  • Thanks everyone! I ordered a Swaddlebees Simplex. Can't wait to try it out!
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  • Swaddlebees simplex all the way!


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